Language School


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Language School

Language School is a professionally designed template for language schools, clubs, coachings, and other relevant institutions. It covers the entire language learning and coaching niche while offering the freedom to be applied to other related fields.

This CMS language school template can also be used by regular schools, colleges, and universities to create websites for their language courses.

Key Features:
  • Powered by SP LMS component
  • Showcase language programs professionally
  • Events & meetups
  • Built-in pages for faster site development
  • Dedicated admission page
  • Display testimonials, learner remarks & wishes
  • Connect with the stakeholders via blog & news
  • Exclusive addons & modules to shape the site up
  • Course, Course search, Event modules
  • Slideshow, Testimonial, Animated Number addons
  • Person, Article, Opt-in Form addons
  • Create a solid language learning ecosystem
  • Manage language programs with rich component features
  • Turn this template to an eLearning platform with your own creativity